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Single feeder meaning. SINGLE FEEDER Futterverteilschaufel

Paper supply Always enough on the roll Without paper, no cigarette. Four to six kilometre long strips of paper are wound onto large paper rolls, the so-called bobbins.

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That sounds like a lot but it's enough for only 15 minutes of production time. After which, the rolls are changed automatically. Hauni systems ensure that paper is supplied continuously, safely, and reliably.

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Close Pneumatic filter feed Filter, filter, filter Speed and reliability are also key with filters. Hauni's filter stations can be equipped with up to ten modules simultaneously — and every module shoots up to 2, filters per minute using compressed air.

The pneumatic, practically wear-free machines set standards in other regards as well. For example, they clean themselves automatically: filters in the area around the single feeder meaning feed drum are removed automatically and the machine restarts itself after a fault.

Close Massflow conveying Perfect connection 20, cigarettes per minute makes 1. Hauni's conveying systems ensure a perfect connection from one production step to the next.

All the while, handling the products very gently. Moreover, the machinery is extremely reliable, flexible, and can easily deal with single feeder meaning and filters of different sizes.

SINGLE FEEDER Futterverteilschaufel

Close Massflow reservoir We keep things flowing Freshly produced cigarettes or filters cannot always immediately be processed further.

Or cigarettes.

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Or both. This is where our reservoirs come into play: they can buffer up tofilters and temporarily store cigarettes for up to 14 minutes.

They enable us to regulate the product flow and ensure greater effectiveness.

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Close Tray handling Loading and unloading required What happens to the single feeder meaning products that shoot from the machine in huge quantities? They can be buffered and cached in open trays. The trays are loaded and unloaded at breathtaking speed. Hauni has machines that can change the trays four times a minute — there is space for 4, cigarettes in one tray. Despite this speed, the cigarettes are handled gently and the processes are flexible and reliable.

Close High-bay tray storage The big solution For cigarettes and filters single feeder meaning are finished but have not yet been packed, and are to be stored temporarily in trays, Hauni has developed a fully automated high-bay store.

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At any given moment, the system and operator know exactly how many cigarettes and filters of which brand are currently in the store. The store creates a buffer that is entirely erstes kennenlernen fragen from filter and cigarette production.

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All of this increases productivity and flexibility. Close Software solutions for production optimization Monitor, analyze, optimize How did the system perform during the last shift?

Vorrichtung nach Anspruch 12, wobei die axiale Zuführung manuell betrieben wird.

How high is the quality of the cigarettes? These are questions that are of enormous interest to manufacturers.

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AREO provides comprehensive production and performance data in real-time and helps to make the factory more efficient by analysing data and reports.

Without investments in new single feeder meaning but individually coordinated with the requirements on site.

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Is it secure? Absolutely, it meets the highest security standards. Secondary process.