Pacific single handed sailing association

Pacific single handed sailing association

The new park featured the highest, most massive and glaciated mountain in the Pacific Northwest. It also featured, around the mountain's base, some of the largest Douglas fir and cedar trees in the region. And, owing to the tremendous range of elevation from Rainier's base to its summit, the park exhibited a remarkable variety of flora and fauna.

Alluding to that biological diversity when the national park bill was still under consideration by Congress, the park's proponents aptly described Mount Rainier as "an arctic island in a temperate sea. Bythe nation had four national parks Yellowstone, established inand Yosemite, Sequoia, and General Grant Kings Canyonall established in and 40 million acres of forest reserves national forestswhich had been set aside by presidential proclamation under the Forest Reserve Act of The arguments in support of national parks and national forests were generally cast along two lines: why there was a need for each, and what kind of federal commitment was required for their proper administration.

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Proponents of a new national forest policy received their charter in the Organic Act ofwhich declared that the purpose of national forests was to protect western watersheds and the national timber supply and which provided funds for the forests' administration.

Though there was no equivalent besten singleseiten kostenlos for the national parks untilpassage of the Mount Rainier National Park Act of affirmed that there was to be a national park system in addition to and distinct from the system of pacific single handed sailing association forests.

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The campaign for Rainier was a collaborative effort by many groups and individuals. No single figure stood out as its leader, nor did any single organization coordinate it.

More than pacific single handed sailing association dozen scientists, many of whom had climbed the mountain, formed one component of the campaign. They were scattered across the nation, knew one another professionally, and used the opportunity of professional pacific single handed sailing association to form committees and prepare memorials to Congress setting forth arguments for the national park.

Pacific single handed sailing association

Meanwhile, a few dozen mountaineers, most of whom resided in the Puget Sound area, constituted another component. Their infectious enthusiasm for the mountain, which they communicated in public talks and letters to local newspapers, helped to persuade Washington's congressional delegation that the national park was a popular cause. Finally, the Northern Pacific Railway had an important and surreptitious effect on park legislation in the late s.

More than a decade earlier, inWillis had prospected for coal deposits for the Northern Pacific Railroad near the northwest flank of Mount Pacific single handed sailing association.

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He had cut a trail from the dense cedar forest on the upper Carbon River up to some gorgeous flower meadows now known as Spray Park, above which looms Rainier's immense cavitated north face, now known as Willis Wall in his memory. He returned to the mountain whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Inat the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, Willis proposed to his fellow geologists that they initiate an effort to have the area preserved in a national park.

The society formed a committee and appointed Willis chairman.

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Right: Gateway to the park. These five committees combined their efforts in preparing a detailed memorial to Congress setting forth arguments for the national park. Emmons, Bailey Willis, and Dr.

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David T. Wilson the second successful ascent of the mountain and had written a report on the volcanoes of the Pacific Coast. Willis knew the northwest side of Mount Rainier as well as any man, and he would soon make the first reconnaissance of the glacier system with Israel C. Russell and George Otis Smith in USGS support of the national park proposal was crucial, for it gave credibility to the argument that the area around Mount Rainier contained no significant mineral wealth.

The list of park advocates was a virtual roll call of the politically powerful scientists of the day.

Die Marshall-Inseln. Mittheilungen der geographischen Gesellschaft in Hamburg Hernsheim, Franz Die Marshall-Inseln.

The National Geographic Society committee took the lead role. The chairman, Gardiner G. Hubbard, was president of the society; other members included Senator Watson C.

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Squire of Washington, Mary F. Waite, John W.

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Thompson, and Eliza R. Squire introduced a park bill in the Senate on December 12, pacific single handed sailing association Hubbard hosted several of Squire's Senate colleagues at a National Pacific single handed sailing association Society dinner at his home, where they were regaled with lantern slides and a lecture by the veteran Mount Rainier climber Ernest C.

Pacific single handed sailing association

Men and women who had been to the top of Mount Rainier enjoyed great stature in the park movement and provided much of its drive. The two mountain club committees included four individuals who flirten am flughafen climbed Rainier. Philemon B. George B. Ingraham of Seattle in Smith, a clergyman from Tacoma who had climbed the mountain with Ingraham in and two years later had led the party that included Fay Fuller, the first woman to make the ascent.

pacific single handed sailing association

All of these individuals campaigned for the park by writing articles and giving lectures. Their involvement underscores how much the Mount Rainier National Park idea was rooted in the physical and aesthetic experience of climbing the mountain.

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Aubrey L. The third significant feature of this campaign was its timing.

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The reserve embraced an area approximately 42 miles long and 36 miles wide, centered on the crest pacific single handed sailing association the Cascade Range. To the dismay of preservationists, these boundaries put Rainier at the extreme western edge of the reserve, its western glaciers extending outside the reserve. Moreover, some preservationists were skeptical that the forest reserve designation would afford the mountain adequate protection or bring government funding for road development.

Publicity on the Pacific Forest Reserve's shortcomings fueled the campaign for a national park. Mount Rainier enthusiasts in both cities were alert to these problems because they had been involved in an increasingly impassioned discourse for the past four to five years.

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Not only did the name of the mountain excite debate between the two cities, but other controversies raged in the newspapers and mountain clubs: complaints about the appropriateness of new place-names introduced on a map by Fred G. Plummer of Tacoma, dubious claims that Lieutenant August V. Kautz had attained the summit inand allegations that campers were vandalizing trees in Paradise Park, the popular alpine meadow on Rainier's south slope.

The rivalry between the two cities even caused a schism in the Washington Alpine Club and led Tacomans to form their own Tacoma Alpine Club in Between andVan Trump, Pacific single handed sailing association, and various other local enthusiasts proposed a national park, but their ideas got no farther than the local newspapers.

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With the proclamation of the Pacific Forest Reserve, the area finally achieved the national recognition that these local supporters coveted. Within a year of the proclamation, a national park bill was before Congress, and the faculties of the Universities of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Washington sent petitions to Congress in support of the bill.

In short, diverse interest groups successfully combined their efforts in the campaign.