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Manfred mann single discography

The charismatic singer with the impressive voice looks back on a long filled stage life.

manfred mann single discography

In the following years, Hank works as a DJ, founding various bands, painting, writing short stories and trying to be an actor.

Ultimately, but the music remains his favorite profession. In he manfred mann single discography the Hank Davison Band especially for the motorcycle scene.

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The success is enormous. For over twenty years, the biker band should be seen at almost every major motorcycle event in the world.

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Despite several lucrative offers from the record industry, there is never a successful deal. Hank categorically rejects everything that could change his band in the least.

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After 22 years Hank dissolves the band turns more to the roots of American folk, blues and country music. He performs only with guitar alone and sings to manfred mann single discography.

His extraordinary, incisive rock tube and the versatile, powerful guitar playing picking, rhythm, bottleneck style give his performances a particularly authentic flair. Hank Davison makes use of all styles — blues, rhythm and blues, folk, jazz, country, rock and roll, southern rock … — that it nevertheless acts homogenously is mainly due to its very own interpretation of the pieces.

manfred mann single discography

And who needs a rhythm group, when three such top-class musicians rock on stage, what the instruments give. Until late at night followed a range of well-known blues and country pieces that made every heart beat faster.

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