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    Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Anruf!

    künstliche befruchtung single dänemark

    Finally, we can welcome you back at the clinic after the Covid closure. When we know the date for when künstliche befruchtung single dänemark need to be at the clinic, we will prepare a medical letter for you in order to enter Denmark. In addition, you need check with your respective authorities regarding certain restrictions as to leaving and returning to your own country.

    künstliche befruchtung single dänemark

    Naturally, at the clinic we will follow the hygiene and Covid precautions of the National Board of Health. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you again.

    künstliche befruchtung single dänemark

    LATEST: Due to the corona outbreak, the Danish Patient Safety Authority has granted a temporary dispensation for the five years of embryo storage and the rule that embryos must be destroyed when the woman reaches the age of They will be automatically destroyed after this date. In addition, we have taken additional actions to reduce the risk of infection: Hand sanitize at the reception and we recommend that everyone perform hand sanitize, both before and künstliche befruchtung single dänemark visit.

    Patients are very welcome, but at the moment we do not greet you by hand in the clinic. Systematic hand sanitize has been introduced in the clinic.

    Leute kennenlernen wie wait at reception before calling in for your treatment. Changing staff Longer opening hours and fewer patients at the clinic simultaneously Should you postpone treatment and is it dangerous to get pregnant?

    There is no reason to postpone your fertility treatment according to international recommendations from several health authorities No data has shown it could be dangerous for a fetus to be exposed to Coronavirus COVID There are no data showing increased risk of miscarriage or complicated pregnancy However, we recommend that patients in fertility treatment and early pregnancy avoid risk behavior and contact with infected persons, for safety We are constantly up to date with developments and the precautions issued by the authorities - both nationally and internationally.

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