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    Details Project Description My mission is to decipher cell-intrinsic immune mechanisms that on the one hand limit pathogen spread during viral infection and on the other hand ensure immune homeostasis for the benefit of the host.

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    We seek to use of evolutionary evolved endogenous effector pathways to fight susceptibility to infection. We address the biological control of infection through harnessing mediators of innate immunity and test them for their potential to reverse host susceptibility to intractable infection.

    We are particulary interested in understanding the spatio-temporal regulation of immune responses that are needed for successful pathogen clearance during infection.

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    A dysbalance within the precise timing e. An excellent example for such a failure to regulate inflammatory processes during viral infection is myocarditis, which is an inflammation of the heart muscle with fulminant dysfunction of jena irene winners single heart muscle at acute stages and a potential development of long-term inflammation leading to chronic heart failure.

    We investigate two host key systems — the ISG15 and the ubiquitin-proteasome system — that are both needed to preserve immune homeostasis during viral infection, thereby i jena irene winners single counteracting viral pathology and ii attenuating detrimental immune responses.

    We demonstrated that ISGdependent remodelling of the intracellular proteome plays a key role in constraining pathogen spread during enterovirus infection. Our group aims to dissect the role of ISG15 to regulate inflammatory processes during the course of viral infection.

    We are investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the antiviral properties of the ISG15 system particularly during enterovirus infection.

    jena irene winners single

    Thereby, proof-of-concept experiments are being conducted that study the therapeutic potential of the ISG15 system during viral infection. Such research represents an essential step towards the identification jena irene winners single novel drug targets in the future.

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    Our group investigates the function of the major intracellular proteolysis system, which is the ubiquitin-proteasome system UPS to regulate the immune response for the benefit of the host during viral infection. Beyond the generation of MHC class I restricted partnersuche havelland peptides, we are studying UPS function in the control of i viral replication, ii cytokine production, iii immune cell differentiation and survival, and iv preservation of cell vitality.

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    We aim for a better understanding of the function of cytokine-inducible components of the UPS in different cell types, tissues and hosts to provide molecular aspects for novel treatment strategies of viral infection particulary for susceptible individuals.