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    Kretschmann's popularity propelled the Green Party to a gain of 11 seats, making history as the first time the Green party has been the largest party in State-level election results. However, the Greens' coalition partner, the SPD, lost 16 seats, thus depriving the Greens' of a clear majority of leftists.

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    Expanding the existing coalition into a three-party "traffic light" coalition green-red-yellow by including the Dating seiten baden württemberg would have given the administration a working majority of 6. Removal of Kretschmann was unlikely; CDU leader Guido Wolf briefly sought to get the Social Democrats into a right-of-centre coalition with the FDP with Wolf as state minister-presidentbut his SPD counterpart Nils Schmid pointed out that such a coalition would frustrate voters due to the personal popularity of Kretschmann.

    A similar "black-green" coalition headed by the CDU has governed in Freunde kennenlernen berlin since the similarly indecisive elections dating seiten baden württemberg, but this is the first time the Green Party is the lead coalition partner in a coalition with the CDU previously, they led a coalition with the SPD.

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    Kretschmann formed the Cabinet Kretschmann II as the state government.